Balanced Rebel is a unique and modern health coaching company that provides Health Coaching specialized towards busy professionals with high demanding roles.

Our approach has proven very effective in creating a healthy and balanced workforce, where employees and management are better equipped to deal with the fast moving, and ever demanding needs that today’s market requires.

Balanced Rebel is made of former Executives that not only understand the demands of today’s workforce, but have lived it in every way possible.  As the founder and Head Health Coach of Balanced Rebel, I grew to Regional Director for Satellite companies worldwide, I have experienced the growing demands of an executive level position and the negative health effects such a role can take on the body and mind. These challenges not only lead to a burnt-out team but have a real impact on the company’s bottom line.

Balanced Rebel was founded with these exact challenges in mind for professionals that would like to prioritize their health without compromising their already demanding life and profession.

Balanced Rebel focuses on Health goals which include relationships, nutrition, career and physical activity which can all contribute to lifestyle diseases such as anxiety, stress, sleeping disorders, digestive issues and lack of healthy routines, amongst others.  This results in a less vibrant and motivated staff, not to mention the cost in sick leaves and low-productivity.  We help companies and of course their people to achieve their goals, on their terms.  Our personal sessions are available online and in line with your schedule and specific challenges that the company, management or executives may be facing.  

In order to start customizing your company's tailor-made program, kindly contact us to set up a consultation where we can pinpoint the best way forward.

We look forward to working with you in the near future and developing a stronger and healthier team.

Benefits of the program

Increased energy levels among employees

Understanding the correlation between being energized and productive

Decreased sick leaves

We provide the tools employees need in order to take better care of themselves and their health, minimizing the impact of illness and absenteeism

Mindset adaptability

Inspiring a sense of personal awareness in employees leading to a happier and healthier workforce

Improved productivity in times of stress

A deep understanding of how stress impacts the body and mind and the tools to grow stronger in their capacity and value as challenges grow

Time Management

Building a powerful team through the importance of prioritizing and delegating while building stamina to better handle challenging times and critical projects

Empowering work-life balance

Helping employees reach a balanced lifestyle resulting in a stronger and more satisfied workforce

Personal Innovation

7 Week Program

Week 1: Dear sleep, I'm sorry we broke up

Week 2: Let food be medicine and medicine be food

Week 3: The key is not spending time, but managing it

Week 4: Changes your body, mind, attitude and mood

Week 5: Transforming stress into a powerful driving force rather than an obstacle

Week 6: It's not for people that need it, it's for people who want it

Week 7: Don’t just go through life, grow through life

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