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Holistic Health Coach

Rui Da Silva, aka Kootshi, is the founder and head coach of health coaching company, Balanced Rebel. Rui is a certified Holistic Health Coach by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) in New York, the worlds largest nutrition school.

For over twenty years, Rui climbed the corporate ladder, excelling as regional director of satellite companies worldwide. His experience has given him a deep understanding of the heavy demands placed on professional executives and the toll that constant travel, multi-million dollar targets and other stressors can take on individuals while trying to keep their personal life a priority.

Balanced Rebel was founded to guide busy professionals through challenges they may face in life and in their health journey, offering the tools to reclaim their lives, unlocking their greatest potential towards optimum health and an equilibrium lifestyle.

Balanced rebellion stands for individuality, unique personalities, ambitions and a continuous commitment to achieving one’s results, on their own terms. Rui believes everyone is unique, therefore the solutions to life challenges should be just as unique and made to suit.

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I highly recommend working with Rui to transform your relationship to health. What I've truly enjoyed is the space to find my own relationship to all facets of health and wellbeing. From food to exercise to indulgence and play. He will help you remove any outdated beliefs like diets, etc in favor of architecting a lifestyle that meets your needs and desires of how you want to live to feel good. Away from fad diets and short-term thinking towards long-term sustainability, wellbeing and joy. He's inspired about this work, is knowledgeable and just fun to work with.

Sohail Coelho
Sohail Coelho Executive Coach | Strategic Advisor | Business & Life Expansion

I started my Health Coaching with Balanced Rebel with the intent of losing weight and improving my overall health and happiness. Little did I know that losing weight became the least of my goals and my life changed a complete 180 degrees in three months. I changed my career to something I only dreamt about, connected to those I loved again on a much deeper level and became truly present in my own life. I am so much more aware and in control of my actions and my life. I have found a balance that I never had through healthier living, better nutritional choices and truly loving and respecting my body and mind, and it really was all on my terms. It's been the best thing I have ever done and I am so excited about starting this new chapter in my life.

Rala Ajakie
Rala Ajakie Chief Business Development Officer

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